• Dominique Pleasures

  • Shanise Maritizio

  • Sweet Essence

  • Whitney

  • Eva Monroe

  • Royalty

  • Allaura Sweet

  • Jazzie

  • Showgurl

  • Dazz

  • Kandee Licks

  • Ms. Juicy

  • Crystal Blue

Shay Jones & Alana Moore
Shay Jones and Alana Moore have been BFF's for a decade. They've always wondered what it would be like to get in some touchy-feelie lesbian action, but neither wanted to piss of the other. We saw them talking at the local coffee shop, and asked them if they wanted to do some porn. Not quite flat out like that, but enough info to catch their interest! They looked at each other, you could see the images of licking pussy, sucking on titties, grabbing dildos - well, you could see those pictures turning in their heads! They came back to the studio, and the next thing you know, they are undressing, touching, licking, slurping on each other in some of the hottest sexiest lesbian loving we've seen in a long time! You'll love watching these two ebony whores getting it on!

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Shanise Maritizio
When Shani came up to my car, I expected to see her carrying a whip! She was walkin' like she owned the streets, and with those black spike boots, this bitch could! I couldn't wait to get back to my place with this horny streetwalkin' slut. I wanted to see if she was as aggressive in bed as she was when I first saw her. Shani didn't disappoint me either - she couldn't wait to get inside. She didn't even take her clothes off, she just grabbed my jeans, pulled my big black dick out and started sucking like crazy. Nothing I could do but stand there and enjoy it! She's one hot little bitch, and she loves fat stiff rods, especially when those rods are ramming her wet snatch! Shani's one hoochiegirl I wouldn't mind bringing home again. You'll love how she fucks when you watch her in these movies!

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Dominique Pleasures
Dominque's got this girl next door look, and you'd never believe this hoochiegirl loves to fuck the way she does. She just about rips off your clothes and then gets on her knees sucking like she ain't had a dick in a long time. She's a vacuum too - just ask me how I know. I picked her up one night when I saw her walking, she looked to good to be alone, and I told her so. She told me she wanted to get laid, so I was more than happy to be the one to oblige. We fucked all damn night. Dominque later told me her last name was "Pleasures" - now I know why. You'll love watching all the "pleasures" she gives!

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Allaura Sweet
Talk about "Sweet" - Allaura was just that... sweet as chocolate and spicy as tabasco! This ebony girl was so damn shy when she walked in the door, I just about had to grab her hand and pull her onto the bed! BUT! Once she started talking, and I mentioned the word "sex" - you should have seen her - she couldn't wait to get her clothes off and show off her body on camera! I had one grand old time sucking on her tits, I mean, look at those puffy nipples on those big boobs - they're just meant for some tongue tweeking! Yeah, Allaura was Sweet allright, her name fit her good, and after fucking her tight black snatch, I got her number and promised to call her again...

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